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The Harry Potter Loves Pandas Role Playing Community

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12/6/06 02:17 am - t_c_c - Damn Chocolate Frogs!

    Ron heard his name being shouted somewhere between stepping on a chocolate frog, and falling on his rear. Hurredly, he got up and headed towards the familiar voice of his best friend, brushing off his back end on the way. When he finally got to them, Harry tried to stifle a laugh and Hermione's lips curled upward into an awkward half-grin one dons when trying to hide a smile.  Bewhildered, he followed Hermione's half-amused gaze at his lower region and found an enormous chocolate stain between his legs (and with further inspection also found some on the back of his sleeves and on his sneakers). "Damn. I can't believe this ..." <p>
    Harry snorted and tried to give him some comforting words. "Well, at least Malfoy didn't see you."<p>
    Ron's expression lightened, but Hermione elbowed Harry hard in the ribs. "Spoke too soon Harry."<p>
    Draco Malfoy strutted towards them, followed protectively by his two boulder-like goons - Crabbe and Goyle.<p>
    "Well well well, what have we here. Weasley has made himself a little mess, has he?"<p>
    "Shove off," Ron said quietly, his voice wavering. <p>
    Draco surveyed the sticky globs of chocolate covering Ron's backside and added, "You'd better get yourself cleaned off before your little girlfriend shows up. She might throw some cat litter on it." Finding Draco's poor attempt at a joke hilarious, Crabbe and Goyle doubled over in laughter. Punching them both in the arms, Draco turned, and with one last sneer, was off.<p>
    "What girlfriend, I don't have a girlfriend ... Do I?"<p>
    Hermione clasped her hand over her mouth and pointed over Ron's shoulder. Her turned around to the face of none other than Luna Lovegood, staring lovingly at him. Or at least, he thought it was lovingly.<p>
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